The sleep of reason produces monsters

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Joe West for Savannah’s bc challenge *^*

No drama. Women have always loved Joe and he’s loved them back. But something has changed in him…


Narrator: *cough* he lost a bet and the bc challenge is his punishment.

Joe: *glare* what’s wrong with you? *whisper* we agreed to omit that detail…

Narrator: Okay, let me fix it.


Joe West, handsome young man with a bright future ahead of him. He likes adventure. The reason why he was accused by making illegal practices in the toilets of his third year in Law School. Currently has an illegal workshop…



Narrator: Ewwww… relax… I can…

Joe: Pick up your shit and get the hell out of here!


Joe: Well, here I am *giggle*. I can’t promise you anything. I am who I am… dreamer, fighter, adventurer, distracted, impetuous… sometimes grumpy and I can’t change it. I’m not looking for a idyllic love because I’m a little skeptical, sorry… I just want to find someone crazy as I and share my way with that person. Do you like what you see, Amelia? So pick me *wink*

Narrator: Mother of GOD! Casanova must be stirring in his grave…

Joe: *inner voice: finish him* I’m going to count to three…. one… twoooooo……….. AAAHHHHHH #!@&!!! *crunches*


Awesome Achievements by Women Ever!

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Beautiful albino Asian boy

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Ok frog woman, STAY AWAY!


lemonade is for suckers

reminds me a the little moomonz gang - #moomoonz
Daddy’s girl

Please everyone that follows me this is very serious. i need all of you to reblog this and read this.
This is Alyssa Marie Bryne-she has been missing since 8 last night.
We are doing everything we can to help locate her. She was at SnowGlobe in Tahoe, California. Last time anyone talked to her she was leaving her friends at the festival to go back to the hotel around 8pm. The hotel said she never came back.
No one can get a hold of her. No one knows where she is. We are all worried sick. In two more hours she will legally be a missing person.
if you have any information please message me.( or
Please help us find her.
Reblog this please, im literally begging you. it will not ruin your blog.
 you could be helping save a life.
Caballero, su madre tuvo que quedarse a gusto cuando le parió

Rita Hayworth behind the scenes of Tonight and Every Night, c. 1945.
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